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& Dissolution

Divorce & Dissolution

Divorce can be stressful and complicated, even when ending your marriage is the right thing for you.  It is very important to have legal representation to advise you of your legal rights, as well as to advocate for your goals at court.  Jonhenry Law can guide you through this process to minimize your stress and to balance your legal interests with your personal and emotional interests.  After all, you are the one whom lives with the outcome of your divorce case when it's over, not your attorney.  It is vital to have an attorney whom understands your goals and compassionately listens to the issues in your case at each step of the journey.  Jonhenry Law will prepare all legal documents required throughout your case, negotiate towards an amicable resolution, and zealously advocate for your rights and goals if settlement cannot be achieved.

Dissolution concludes with the termination of your marriage just like Divorce, but the process itself is quite different.  In a Divorce case, one party filed a Complaint for Divorce, serves the opposing party, and hearings are scheduled at court until the case is either settled or proceeds to trial.  In a Dissolution case, nothing is filed with the court until everything is settled.  For spouses who are in agreement about how to divide property and debts and how to allocate parental rights and responsibilities, Dissolution may be a less stressful and more cost-effective method of ending your marriage.  Jonhenry Law can help advise you as to whether a dissolution is the best option for you.

All Divorce and Dissolution cases address the division of both parties' property and debts.  Jonhenry Law can help to determine the marital value of the assets and liabilities and seek an equal or equitable distribution of property and allocation of debts.  Jonhenry Law will also advise you of your rights to spousal support and represent your financial goals in the negotiation and litigation process.  If you and your spouse have minor children, your case will also include extensive consideration and advocacy for your legal rights concerning child custody, parenting time, child support, and the allocation of other child-related expenses.  Care for your children is of paramount concern, and Jonhenry Law will guide you through this complex legal process to fully address your questions and concerns about your children.

Legal Separation


Just like a Divorce or Dissolution, Legal Separation concludes with a final court-ordered division of assets and debts, allocation of parental rights and responsibilities, and applicable orders for child and spousal support.  The biggest difference is that you will still be legally married at the end of the case.  So why not just get divorced?  Legal Separation is an attractive option for couples who wish to stay married for a variety of reasons, such as continued spousal health insurance coverage, marital tax benefits, military retirement benefits, religious tenets, or to preserve the ability reconcile and nullify their separation agreements.  Whether your goals are financial or personal in nature, contact Jonhenry Law to discuss whether a Legal Separation is the right course for you.




Unlike Divorce and Dissolution which terminate your marriage, Annulment voids your marriage as if it never legally existed in the first place.  Annulments are only granted if certain legal grounds apply and specific procedural requirements are followed.  Since there is no marital property without a legal marriage, no property is divided and no spousal support is ordered in an Annulment case.  Child-related orders will be issued in cases involving minor children.  Annulments are not as commonly entered as Divorce, Dissolution, and Legal Separation, so contact Jonhenry Law to determine whether you can obtain an Annulment as your legal recourse.

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