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Child Custody

& Support

Child Custody & Support


Your family is our priority, and Jonhenry Law will accommodate your needs to help your family thrive. ​Child-related cases may include addressing the parental rights and responsibilities to be established or modified for unmarried parents, or modified for divorced and legally separated parents.  Cases may also involve the child custody and visitation rights of grandparents or other third parties, paternity or parentage establishment, and legal name changes for children.

Jonhenry Law will extensively advise you and advocate for your rights concerning the legal decision-making authority for your children's care and upbringing, parenting time, child support, and the allocation of other child-related expenses.  It is vital to have an attorney whom understands your goals and compassionately listens to the issues in your case at each step of the journey.  Care for your children is of paramount concern, and Jonhenry Law will guide you through this complex legal process to minimize your stress and to balance your legal interests with your personal and emotional interests.  After all, you and your children are the ones whom live with the outcome of your case when it's over, not your attorney.  Jonhenry Law will prepare all legal documents required throughout your case, negotiate towards an amicable resolution, and zealously advocate for your rights and goals if settlement cannot be achieved.

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